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100% unique filler content for less than $0.75 per article !!

People complain that this is not manually written and high quality content and this is funny because they already know that this is AI-generated content (I mention this in the first paragraph of the offer), and they should know that no software can ever compete with the human brain. And yet, they choose to complain about it instead of putting the effort into turning their content into the quality stuff they’re after (which, luckily, is very easy to do because the hardest part of writing this content – the research and the uniqueness – have already been done by the software.)

As it can easily be seen from the 10 articles below this content is ULTRA high quality for machine generated content and it can not get better than this for this price.

And you can do a lot of things with this content if you’re smart enough and are not lazy to put in the effort as these articles are already 100% unique and human readable when you get them, and these benefits are HUGE. I can not emphasize enough how important the uniqueness and readability of this content are for this price. But some people don’t get it, or expect Pulitzer winning content for $0,50.

A smart marketer could easily buy 20 articles, edit them a little (nothing fancy, just merge a couple of them into one article, add a few sub-headings, an image and… done!) and post them on their website for easy traffic and sales. Literally a 10-15 minutes work to get yourself a topical article for less than $0,75 that makes sense, is 100% unique and SEO optimized (the software inserts LSI terms into the content when it generates the article and if you’ve been in the SEO game for a while you know how important LSI content is for rankings).

Instead of paying dubious “native English speaker” writers $10 for a 1000-word article you can get 10 articles of 1200+ words each that are the same – or better! – quality for less than $15. This offer could not be any better if you care (you should!) about the quality of your content and don’t mind editing it a little, but sure, complaining is always easier. But there’s an upside (for us) to this laziness: the lazier the people are, the weaker the competition is for those who put the effort in, so it’s OK.

Get the best AI-generated (not spun!) content on the market today that is human readable, highly informational and 100% unique (checked with Copyscape)

This content is perfect for web 2.0s, article directories, PBNs and other places where unique content is needed to get backlinks from. It is also highly informational in nature, making it a great choice for Adsense websites, or you can use it as filler content on your money sites to increase the number of words in your articles.

Check out the 5 articles below to see the quality of the content for yourself…

The articles are at least 600 words long (sometimes 700 words or more) and come with a great, catchy title. With a bit of editing (adding sub-headings, images, etc.) these articles can safely be used on your money sites, in free reports, newsletters, or sold as PLR content, used as guest posts, etc.



5 articles – $4.95

TAT: up to 2 days


12 articles – $9.95

TAT: up to 3 days


20 articles – $14.95

TAT: up to 4 days

After payment is complete you will be directed to a form submission page where you can send in your details (email, keywords, etc.) after which we will start creating the articles.

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